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Mr Chris Hip Hop Podcast
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February 16, 2018 10:09 AM PST

This episode we dive back into battle/freestyle moves and how to do it!

Website: www.mrchrishiphopdance.com

Email: chris@mrchrishiphopdance.com

Twitter: @mrchrishiphop

Snapchat: @mrchrishiphop

Instagram: @mrchrishiphop

Links and Notes:

Dance battle

Podcast 96 outline How to be a better battler!

1- In breaking, there's a certain set way of doing foundational movements, but being willing to step outside of what's usually done is what gets you noticed.

February 06, 2018 06:03 AM PST

This episode we talk about the different paths to reach our dreams!

January 24, 2018 04:41 AM PST

This episode we talk about the song Finesse and the old school moves!

Website: www.mrchrishiphopdance.com

1- Willdabeast- at the 24 sec Mark, dust shoulder/ James Brown slide

2- Brian Esperson at the 41 sec Mark he hit the roger rabbit!!

Tutorial how to do the roger rabbit

3- Twitch at the 53 sec Mark he does the TLC pull back throw move

4- The master himself Bruno Mars at the 1:18 mark he does the kick outs arms swing down move

January 16, 2018 07:11 AM PST

This episode we talk about looking ahead and not looking back!

January 16, 2018 06:16 AM PST

This episode we talk about moves from the 1st Step up movie that we can try in class!

Website: www.mrchrishiphopdance.com

Snapchat: @mrchrishiphop

Instagram: @mrchrishiphop

Facebook: Zonda Flex

Email: chris@mrchrishiphopdance.com

Dance spirit article

The original step up is coming out in some cinemas and the next day Step up high water on YouTube red will be out. So here are some moves from the original Step up

1- The roll back hand stand or back extension roll into a one hand freeze!
At the 1:53 mark

2- At the 26 sec mark in the opening scene they did the classic frog leap over the shoulders! Love this!

3- At the 2:15 mark he did one coffee grinder, laid down on his back, rolled over, and waved up!!

January 07, 2018 07:38 AM PST

This episode we talk about seeing what you work on paying off.

Show Notes:
Three things we can do when we see payoff

1- Acknowledge it!
Don't spend time on the negative, but say when you do good and soak it in

2- Stay humble!
Remember the times!!!

3- Get right back to work!
Don't relax when you see improvement, but go all the way in!

January 03, 2018 05:59 AM PST
January 02, 2018 04:19 AM PST
January 01, 2018 06:36 AM PST

This episode we break down 21 basic moves to teach in your class for 2018!

Website: www.mrchrishiphopdance.com

Email: chris@mrchrishiphopdance.com

Snapchat: @mrchrishiphop

Instagram: @mrchrishiphop

Facebook: Zonda Flex

Show Notes Link:
21 basic moves to know and teach!

Spotify playlist:

1- Body Isolations-

This is a introduction to the Cobra wave, but just using the body and shoulders instead of the arms. Left shoulder up, 2- chest out pull shoulders back, 3- right shoulder up, 4- push shoulders forward and contract.

2- Around the clock-

One hand on the floor and you walk your feet around a circle.

3- The Coffee Grinder-

This move is done with one leg going around and you jump over it with the other foot!

4- The Heel Toe Flick-

The heel turns inside and the toe goes outside!

5- The Body Roll

Head goes back, chest goes out, contract, bend the knees and straight

6- The Cross Step

Put the right in front of the left, step out to the left, left in front step out with the right

7- The Moonwalk-

Pick up your right heel and push the left foot back, keep the sliding foot flat. Switch weight and pull the other foot back flat.

8- The Pancake-

Put your right hand out, your left hand out, flip the right hand and then keep flipping both hands while dancing

9- The Arm Wave

Knuckles, fist, wrist, elbow, shoulder, chest, shoulder, elbow, wrist , fist, knuckles, flat. 12 parts!

10- The Six Step

Footwork ground move

11- Twist O Flex-

Arms, head, feet or arms feet head

12- Wrist Rolls-

Rotate your hand in towards your ear and then go the other way on the way down

13- Toprock-

Front cross back cross and side step

14- The Baby Freeze

With the babies I just have them lift one foot

15- The King Tut-

Keep hands flat and make lines and angles

16- The Robot-

17- Dust yo shoulders-

18- The Step and slide

One foot comes forward and it slides back flat

19- The Scoop The Leg-

This one is a combo of and leg brush scoop and a arm wave bent

20- The Chest pop

21- The Catfish Dance

How to do the catfish

December 31, 2017 05:11 AM PST

This episode we talk what to do when facing your biggest fears!

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